Signature Services

Full Service Oil Change

Our dedicated team of technicians provide a full service oil change by thoroughly inspecting your vehicle using our signature service checklist and report back to you with any recommendations.

T-TECH Transmission Service

We use the patented T-TECH service which will replace 100% of you vehicle's old, dirty fluid. Like a blood transfusion for your transmission, our machine simply lets the natural flow of your transmission facilitate a complete exchange of old fluid for new.

Complete Radiator Flush

Our radiator flush system flushes your radiator, engine block and heater core with fresh, new fluid protecting your radiator and engine from overheating, freezing, and from corrosion, relieving you the cost of having to environmentally dispose of hazardous old antifreeze fluid.

Additional Services

Full Service Oil Change Starting at $53.95
Service Pro Synthetic Oil Change Starting at $83.95
Mobil 1 Synthetic Oil Change Starting at $113.95
Differentials, Transfer Case Starting at $99.95
Manual Transmission Service Starting at $99.95
T-TECH Transmission Service Starting at $159.95
Fuel Injection Cleaning Service 2 part system $79.95
Oil System Cleaning $29.95
Complete Radiator Flush $129.95
Aquapel Glass Treatment $19.95
Power Steering Flush $79.95
AC Recharge R134a is having supply issues, please call for price
Mobil 1 Synthetic Oil Filters Starting at $20.00
Fuel Filters Starting at $69.95
Air Filter Starting at $12.95
Cabin Air Filter Starting at $29.95
Serpentine Belt Starting at $119.95
PCV Valve $6.95
Radiator Caps Starting at $9.95
Light Bulbs Starting at $11.95
Wiper Blades Starting at $14.95 each
65 Month Battery removal and installation included Starting at $129.95
Emission System Cleaner additive $149.95
Diesel Emission Control Service additive $149.95
Complete Diesel Service additive $59.95
Total™ Oil System Service additive $39.95
AC-CLEAN™ additive $29.95