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oil stabalizer

Lucas Heavy Duty Oil Stabilizer

  • Increases oil life by at least 50%
  • Reduces oil consumption
  • Eliminates dry starts
  • Raises oil pressure
  • Increases power and miles per gallon

synthetic oil stabalizer

Lucas Synthetic Oil Stabilizer

  • All the benefits of the regular stabilizer but thin enough to blend with synthetics and the newer, thinner weight
  • Recommended for us with Powerstroke engines

power steering stop leak

Lucas Power Steering Stop Leak

  • Guaranteed to stop seal leaks
  • Stops rack and pinion problems
  • Very cost effective
  • Ideal for noisy/growling power steering pumps

transmission fix

Lucas Transmission Fix

  • A non-solvent formula that stops slip, hesitation and rough shifting in worn transmissions and completely eliminates most seal leaks. Use in any transmission for preventative maintenance. Use also in light duty manual transmissions to increase shifting ease and transmission life.
  • Contains no solvents
  • Lowers operating temperatures and stops foaming
  • Can be added to existing fluid without draining any out
  • Effective in an extremely high percentage of cases

fuel treatment

Lucas Fuel Treatment

  • A powerful blend of oils and additives that contain NO solvents. Designed to increase power and fuel mileage as well as lower exhaust emissions through a more complete combustion.
  • Formulated for both gasoline and diesel engines, carbureted or fuel injected. It gives your fuel system what is really needs - a blend of super slick oils and additives with a high detergent action that allows the engine to operate at maximum efficiency.
  • Cleans and lubricates the carburetor and injectors and causes the fuel to burn more thoroughly for increased power and less fuel consumption.
  • Should definitely be used in vehicles that require leaded fuel because it actually replaces the benefits of lead in gasoline without causing harmful emissions.
  • Use it to pass smog tests
  • Neutralizes the harmful effects of low sulfur diesel fuel
  • Increases the life of pumps and injectors
  • A great tune-up in a bottle

oil treatment

Oil Treatment - $17.95

Helps engines run smoother, cooler & quieter while reducing oil consumption, wear & exhaust smoke. Increases viscosity, improving ring seal for higher compression. Contains JB Metal Conditioner®.

  • Reduces exhaust smoke
  • Reduces oil consumption and wear
  • Increase viscosity and anti-wear properties
  • Treats the Metal, Not the Oil®

engine tune-up

Engine Tune-Up - $17.95

Reduces friction drag between moving parts & helps keep engine clean. Frees sticky valves, lifters & sticking oil compression rings by dissolving deposits. Contains JB Metal Conditioner®.

  • Protects new engines during break-in
  • Helps engines run cooler, smoother and quieter
  • Protects engines from harmful acids and corrosion
  • Treats the Metal, Not the Oil®

fuel injection system cleaner

Fuel Injection System Cleaner - $17.95

Alcohol Free Formula. Cleans fuel injection system while you drive, while also eliminating rough idling & stalling. Will not harm catalytic converters or oxygen sensors.

  • Helps eliminate rough idling and stalling
  • Improves hard starting
  • Dissolves gum and varnish
  • Helps keep injectors clean to insure maximum fuel economy
  • Will not harm catalytic converters or oxygen sensors
  • Carbon Blaster®

diesel fuel treatment

Diesel Fuel Treatment - $17.95

For Cars & Light Trucks - Alcohol Free Formula. Recommended with each fuel filter change. Reduces exhaust smoke. Helps fight fuel line freeze. Disperses water in fuel system.

  • Cleans injectors and helps keep them clean
  • Helps keep fuel tanks, lines and filters free from gums, resins and tars
  • Protects against rust and corrosion

automatic transmission conditioner

Automatic Transmission Conditioner - $17.95

Smooths & speeds shifting in hot & cold weather. Reduces transmission & rear-end heat up to 30°F. Prevents varnish & sludge formation. Approved & tested for posi-traction & limited slip rear-ends. Contains JB Metal Conditioner®.

  • OK for front-wheel drive cars
  • For racing, add to transmission and rear-end for increased speed and performance
  • Mixes with all transmission fluids and greases
  • Approved for posi-traction rear-ends

gear oil treatment

Gear Oil Treatment - $17.95

Smooths shifting of manual transmissions while quieting gear & bearing noises helping them last longer. Prevents corrosion & reduces operating temperature. Approved & tested for posi-traction & limited slip rear-ends. Contains JB Metal Conditioner®.

  • Smooths shifting of manual transmissions
  • Quiets gear and bearing noises
  • Prevents corrosion
  • Reduces gear temperatures
  • Improves bearing and gear life

emission system cleaner

Emission System Cleaner - $149.95

Eliminates rough idling & stalling due to a dirty emission system with a professional 3-step kit. Restores lost engine vacuum & reduces exhaust odors.

  • Improves gas mileage and engine performance
  • Easy to use
  • Cleans component parts that affect today's engines
  • Use every 6,000 miles, or when needed, to maintain proper engine performance
  • Cleans catalytic converters and reduces "rotten egg" exhaust odors

diesel emission control service

Diesel Emission Control Service - $149.95

For Designed for use in all diesel vehicles up to Class 4. Completely cleans diesel fuel and oil system with a professional 3-step system.

  • Removes soot & damaging carbon
  • Approved for Bio-Diesel
  • Cleans the diesel EGR valve
  • Cleans diesel fuel injectors
  • Cleans the oil system
  • 3-step system

complete diesel service

Complete Diesel Service - $59.95

Services both the fuel & oil system with a professional 2-step kit. Cleans fuel injectors & helps reduce exhaust smoke while aiding in quicker starts. Helps engine run smoother, cooler & quieter.

  • Cleans fuel injectors
  • Helps reduce exhaust smoke
  • Helps aid in quick starting
  • Helps engine run smoother, cooler & quieter
  • Treats the Metal, Not the Oil®
  • For professional use only

total oil system service

Total™ Oil System Service - $39.95

Our oil system cleaning with "engine tune-up," added with oil change, will help keep your oil system fresh, and will lubricate the metal after the oil system cleaner. (saves $5 over retail)- this is great to do on any car with over 80,000 miles on it, you really notice an improvement.

  • Helps engines run smoother, cooler and quieter
  • Removes harmful deposits
  • Treats the Metal, Not the Oil®
  • Contains JB Metal Conditioner®

ac clean

AC-CLEAN™ - $29.95

Bacteria killer & freshener that removes the unpleasant odor caused by fungus, mold & mildew while killing mold & other organisms in the vehicle’s air conditioning & heating systems. Easy to apply. Freshens interior air with refreshing mild scent.

We will apply the AC-CLEAN™ while the vehicle and fan are running through the AC duct system to provide thorough cleaning. Process takes 15-25 minutes and is recommended for any vehicle with rodent infestation, or vehicles that just need a fresh start.

  • Kills harmful bacteria in the heating and air conditioning system
  • Leaves a pleasant refreshing smell after treatment